White water canoe guide training Barrington Tops

White Water Canoe Guide Training: 29-31 Aug 2017

Learn to be a White Water Canoe Guide in Gloucester & take this skill anywhere in the world! You can become a trained White Water Canoe Guide with this three day course that includes Rescue 2 accreditation from Australian Canoeing.
Learn how to read the river & rapids, master essential paddling techniques, give safety briefings plus how to give effective instructions. Prior canoeing experience essential, training is on the Barrington River.

$450pp includes tuition, equipment, transport to/from the river, 2 nights bunkhouse accommodation & meals.

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WHERE: Barrington Outdoor Adventure Centre, Gloucester NSW
WHEN: 29-31 August 2017
WHO: This course is suitable for anyone with canoeing experience. You may be a flatwater guide looking to branch out into white water, you may be a white water guide needing to refresh your skills to maintain currency, you may be a guide looking to expand you skill base by seeing how other operators run their canoeing programs, you may have been canoeing for years but never formalised your training or gained qualifications.
WHY: As one of the few white water paddling providers in Australia, we struggle to find instructors that can deliver a canoeing program to the standards we pride ourselves on. We want to provide accessible, low cost training to instructors and guides in the industry so that we can increase the quality and safety of white water paddling to schools.
HOW MUCH: $450 per person
INCLUSIONS: The program is 3 days training in accordance with the Australian Canoeing Whitewater Guide Award and Whitewater Rescue 2 Award. (NB. There will be no assessment included in this course, assessment can be arranged at a later date, once you have achieved your logbook requirements.) The price includes:
– Tuition & training from Australian Canoeing and Rescue 3 Instructors
– All canoes and canoeing equipment but you should bring your own kit if you have it
– Vehicle transfers to/from the river
– Two nights bunkhouse accommodation
– All meals from lunch on the first day to afternoon tea on the last day.