Pyranha Burn 3 kayaks

Pyranha Burn 3 kayaks now in stock

Check out this review of the Pyrana Burn 3 by expert kayaker Kyle Smith:

“The Pyranha Burn 3 kayak is designed for speed and precision. It accelerates quickly and makes tight turns on chines that could slice through butter. It is not, in my opinion, a boat for beginners. It takes some hard driving and aggressive edging to hit the dotted lines, but when you hit them, the Burn 3 lets you know it.”

Read more about the Pyranha Burn 3 kayak in Burn 3 review here.

Random Adventure Gear currently have in stock the Large size and XLarge size, priced at $1,595. The new delivery of Medium size Burn 3 is expected in January 2016 and is priced at $1,695.