Our vision

Our Vision

We operate a profitable adventure tour business for sustainable 21st century tourism experiences, in an area of world heritage value that’s respected and protected.

Our Mission

Through sharing our local knowledge of these beautiful rivers, valleys and mountains with our customers, we:
• educate and inform them about environmental issues;
• excite their senses and inspire their journey of self-discovery;
• build their confidence and develop life-long skills;
• give them a fresh perspective of life’s potential.

Our Values

As individuals and as a group, our guiding philosophy is:
• Show honesty, integrity and motivation;
• Respect and protect our environment;
• Promote the benefits of healthy outdoor activities;
• Ensure our customers and staff have fun in a safe environment;
• Use renewable resources and recycled materials, and minimise non-reusable waste;
• Be open to new ideas, build our knowledge and share it with others.

Fun by Nature in the Barrington Coast